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The new medium for the new workforce

Job Boards Are

A simple search doesn't understand who you are, your needs, filled with unreliable and useless data. Nothing to engage. Just endless text.

Awesome looking job but not really

Read me. I am a long poorly written job description near you btw with no pay, but i am a sponsored job so I come on top.

Not even remotely awesome - no where near you

Since the dawn of time humanity always searched for the meaning of life. Why are we here? What are we doing? We are here for ads. Lots of ads. Oh, here they are!

Not even a real job :( - just give us your SSN

Yep. You read that right, I'm just a fake job post.

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My cart

Search results 1376


Finding The Right
Talent Costs

You receive a plethora of text as resumes, and forced to rely on applicant tracking systems that are rudimentary and have rounds of interviews that cost time, energy and money.

Meet JobzMall:
The New Medium for The New Workforce

End-to-End Ecosystem

No friction. No whitenoise. No fake companies or candidates. Engage with real people. Apply, message, track all witihin one ecosystem

Seamlessly Video Apply

You are so much more than just a resume. Seamlessly Video Apply™ to any job with a video cover letter within minutes and make a first impression.

AI-Driven Hiring

No bad data here. Find your future talent with deep learning. We learn and tailor your ideal candidate within JobzMallians.

How JobzMall Works

A Call to Creating
The New Humane Work Community


JobzMall believes that people are not head counts, costs or problems. They are potential for each other, for organizations, for communities, for societies and for a better life.


JobzMall believes that everybody has a unique gift and everybody has a unique contribution to human kind. JobzMall enables your unique contribution by finding the right fit for your unique gifts.


Today’s world needs utmost transparency. We believe jobseekers should show their real self to employers and shouldn’t fake to get through the door. Also, employers should be honest about their organizations. JobzMall enables and supports both parties to be real and transparent with each other for mutual benefit and happiness.


At the end of the day we are all humans with needs, thoughts, feelings, motivations, frustrations and all. JobzMall believes that it’s not about what you do, it’s about who you are. That’s why JobzMall enables you to be yourself and find what you love


Because of the rapid technological innovations, the workplace is under constant change. JobzMall constantly innovates for the future and adopts itself to be sustainable. We believe that the present and the future people have the same right to find equal opportunities for realizing their concept of a good human life.

Embracing Drive & Change

JobzMall believes that only the people who can see the future can create it. Those who are not scared about challenging the status quo, those who are the game changers, constant learners, risk takers and pioneers. We enable you to embrace and drive the change for a better life and community.

Before JobzMall: Numbers we don't like


Candidates rate their current job search experience poor


Candidates never hear back from the employer


Seconds on average is how long your resume is looked at for


Average cost-per-hire for companies

After JobzMall: Numbers we do like


Happiness and satisfaction of JobzMall Pioneers


More likely to have your application be seen


Seconds on average is how long your resume is looked at for


How much you need to spend to start using JobzMall

Here's What Industry Pioneers are saying

JobzMall offers a refreshing a new experience for Job Seekers! Easy to use, JobzMall is engaging, informative, and aesthetically stimulating. I have never been this excited about a Job Board!

Susan Howington
CEO, Power Connections Career Services, Inc.

Finally a human capital platform that fits to the needs of today has arrived. The platform is innovative, future-proof, extraordinary and very functional. JobzMall presents a very efficient way for job seekers to present themselves. I wish I were looking for a job now!

Engin Arikan
CEO & Chairman, Mikom, Inc.

JobzMall puts the human element back into the hiring process. It allows job seekers and employers to connect in a way that has been lost with online job sites.

Jayson Duncan
Chief Storyteller, Miller Farm Media

JobzMall is going to disrupt the entire recruiting industry

Ashley Tinsley
Business Performance Advisor, Insperity

I believe JobzMall is the next generation talent management company.

Ali Kutay
Angel Investor

Visualization and capturing the imagination of the user to create a superior experience is an under-appreciated but incredibly important element of assisting job-seekers. JobzMall achieves this through its innovative approach to user experience design. Building its new job matching service around real insights into the modern labor market that help guide job-seekers in a way that has not yet been done before.

Dr. Wallace Walrod
Chief Economic Advisor, Orange County Business Council / Co-Founder, Qidian

Extremely professional and responsive. Great group of people to work with. Would definitely recommend.

Marcelo Dieguez
Managing Partner, Diefer Law Group, P.C.

JobzMall is a game changing leading edge technology which serves both the applicant and the company in a totally unique way

Bill Ellermeyer
Principal, Ellermeyer Connect

The employment world has been waiting for platform like this for many years and it’s finally here! JobzMall has revolutionized the space

Devin Hornick
Sr. Partner & Sr. VP, Kore1 IT Staffing

I always appreciate new solutions to on-going problems, and that is why I am so enamored with the JobzMall site. New technology to solve old problems.

Michael Sawitz
CEO, FastStart.studio

Thank you for creating a much needed state-of-the-art platform that brings the employers and the job seekers together. The site is intuitive and easy to use.

Turan Kahraman
President & CEO, Askew Industrial Corporation

Our organization of middle to large market enterprise leaders strongly endorses JobzMall. We view their services as a true example of “next practice” talent acquisition strategy and application.

Scott Hamilton
President & CEO, Executive Next Practices Institute

I work in tech PR and JobzMall is one of the most innovative companies I’ve come across in a long time. JobzMall has created the easiest and most accurate job finding and hiring experience for companies and future employees. They understand people are so much more than a resume and organizations are looking to acquire top talent.

Lauren Ellermeyer
President, Beyond Fiften Communications

JobzMall is my new go-to for candidate searches. Intuitive, efficient and current - won and done!

Pam Sullivan
General Manager, Premier Business Centers

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